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Where did The Can’t Miss come from?

david.jpgLike all epiphanies, The Can’t Miss came out of the blue land of necessity and invention. As a teaching professional I have used every putting training aid known to man – and some so twisted that I dare not speak their name. Every mirror, laser, arc, string, frame and clip-on helicopter you can think of: I’ve had a crack at. Without exception, they left me cold.

Then one day I was fixing a buggy wheel (ah, the life of a pro golfer) and as I was spinning the tire round on its axle I noticed how difficult it was to move off the horizontal. This my friends was gyroscopic torque at work!

Now, I thought to myself, what if I could apply that same principle to a putting stroke? If I attached a powerful gyroscope (or two) to a putter and made a stroke, surely the force exerted would keep the putter face square to the putter path throughout. Surely I couldn’t miss, could I?.


What does it feel like to use The Can't Miss?

If you currently have the perfect putting stroke, you'll feel nothing. But for the rest of us, you'll feel TCM gently forcing you to keep your putter face square throughout your stroke. If you grip your putter tightly or take your putter back and through in a jerky motion, TCM will make it more difficult to do so. You’ll feel, perhaps for the first time, what a smooth stroke feels like. It will feel like you are stroking the putter noticably slower than before.

While TCM is attached to your shaft, impact will feel slightly “dead” compared to what you are used to. This is part of the process of changing your muscle memory.


What is Muscle Memory?

Muscle Memory is the process which allows you to ride a bike or brush your teeth without thinking about it. It's also what you're striving for on the driving range. Once you repeat an aspect of your swing long enough, you will default to that move without conscious thought. The memory doesn't stay in the muscle itself, so the term is somewhat mis-leading, however you use muscle memory everyday, whether it's typing a common word on a keyboard or writing your signature.

The Can't Miss will help you groove the correct putting stroke into YOUR muscle memory.


How often will I need to use TCM?

Please refer to the detailed instructions under how it works to understand the initial training process. But once you’ve seen the improvement, it’s a good idea to warm up with TCM before a round. Most of us do this today to get a feel for the greens, but using TCM will let you forget about any stroke thoughts during your round.


Where can I use TCM?

One of the key benefits of TCM is that you don't even need to be on the practice green. In fact, you will improve your stroke with only your putter and TCM, even without a golf ball. Ideally, you'll practice on the putting green using the drills we have provided, but you will benefit from a few minutes of TCM training in your office or living room.


Is it noisy?

You can certainly hear TCM once it's spinning, but it's just a humming sound and won't be upsetting the neighbours. You can hear TCM by clicking here. This was recorded at maximum revs with the microphone right up close.


What are the yips?

If you’re reading this you probably know all too well. The first profession to report the yips were, interestingly and somewhat surprisingly, Milliners. They stitched day and night in the late 19th century and occasionally, without warning, experienced an involuntary spasm prior to impact. You probably just miss a three-footer; they stabbed themselves in the chest.

You could of course argue which is the more painful.

We can help you train your yip away with TCM. The Can’t Miss is designed to keep the putter-face square to the path throughout your stroke. Your Yip is designed to do the opposite. The gyroscopic force at work when TCM is operating will extinguish the spasm.

We’ve seen The Can't Miss work for nasty, unmentionable cases. It will work for you.