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    TCM gives me the feedback I need in my warm-up. For me, it's all about positive reinforcement.
    Marcus Fraser | 2010 Ballantine's Championship winner

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    If the TCM is pushing me around, I know I need to step away. I re-group, relax and let it guide me. If I can trust it in practice I know I can trust it when I get out there.
    Andrew Kelly - OneAsia Tour Player

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    The Can't Miss is my only training aid. It's on Tour with me today and it will be at Tour School with me at the end of the year. I trust it that much. Alex Benjamin - Hooters Tour Player

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    When I take it back smooth, I really don't feel much. But it lets me know all about it when I snatch it back. Alistair Presnell US PGA Tour




In only a few weeks I have noticed a definite change to my path, much more arced which feels amazingly natural. As a result I now have more connection between my shoulders, upper torso and arms. I am achieving a much truer roll on the ball and the entire stroke feels more natural.


The great thing about TCM is that it takes the guess work out. Am I too arced? Am I closing the face? You cannot get this feedback quickly on your own. The TCM tells you automatically where your correct path is and grooves that release. In 20 years of golf it is the most amazing learning aid I have ever seen. Well done. Cannot recommend it enough, especially to amateurs. Forego this seasons new driver that is identical to the one already in your bag, and buy a TCM, this will do more for your game than any club.

Outstanding |Posted by Tim Leckie on 10th Jan 2012

In 6 months TCM has transformed my stroke, my posture and most importantly my score. It has brought me 6 inches cloaser to the ball - I no longer 'lift' the putter during my stroke; I release the putter on every stroke now and I've completely lost any semblance of 'flinch'. Thanks team.

The only training aid that's ever actually worked| Posted by Nathan Grano on 23rd Oct 2011

I believe this is the best putting aid I have ever used. It provides instant feedback on my putts.

Great Product| Posted by Gerard Poulter on 9th Sep 2011

I have waited many years for something to actually show me how the putter should naturally work on an arc. I love it because the aid sends you instant feedback and will correct your flaws instantly. I have recommended and will recommend to anyone, better than any rail or other putting aid on the market.

I've been waiting for this little baby !!!!| Posted by Luke Wilson on 13th Jul 2011

The best for a good Swing.

Stirling engines on Gyroscop| Posted by SWINGREGORY on 16th Jun 2011

Brilliant , perfect training tool .. looks very fancy and works a treat. highly recommend it to anyone considering buying it. Brilliant !!

Wow | Posted by Pat on 15th Apr 2011

This is by far the best training aid I have seen or used for my putting. It provides instant feedback on good and bad putts. After training with TCM I am absolutely positive my putting will improve. I would definatley recommend it to all my friends.

Best Putting Training Aid I Have Used | Posted by John Balcke on 14th Apr 2011

It looks good. It is easy to use. It really does work.

can't believe how good this is. | Posted by Unknown on 12th Apr 2011

I used this a couple of weeks ago on the practice green at Huntingdale. Freaky. When I stopped fighting it and just let it guide me it was fun. It worked really well from 10 feet in. I'm in for one.

impressive training aid | Posted by Guy Batters on 12th Apr 2011

My coach has had me working with it for a month now. It's paying off. If I start to get a bit twitchy over a yippable one I just picture TCM on the shaft. IT REALLY WORKS!!

Amazing!! | Posted by Jamie Brigden on 12th Apr 2011